Questions on the Menomonee Falls School District Referendum?

On April 5th, voters in the Menomonee Falls School District will be asked to vote on two different referendum questions, one for “maintenance” and the other to lift spending caps by millions a year.

  • MFTax – Recently released flyer asking questions about the Referendums
  • Mark Belling – March 8th – on School Referendums
    • “Menomonee Falls has two referendums on the ballot. The one that is especially outrageous …. permanently raises their taxing power above the state limit…Not just this year… permanently overspend the limits…. raise taxes higher than state law allows permanently. What possible excuse would you have for that? It’s outrageous. If people vote for that – I don’t care how conservative Menomonee Falls seems, that’s not a conservative way of doing things…. The other is maintenance – instead of paying as you go they want to borrow…. which causes budgets to be screwed up ten years from now…. Of 28 school districts in the Greater Milwaukee area, Menomonee Falls has the 4th highest….12.3% above the state average…. Increase in property taxes has made up for the decline in state aid.”
  • Mark Belling’s Column for March 2nd – The Big Lie:

“Private businesses address questions like the ones above all the time. They are forced to economize. Schools…. merely tell the LIE to an unsuspecting constituency and get $50 million referendums passed. The most galling part of this is that some districts actually do act responsibly. They prove you can handle state budget cuts….”



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