Eight Reasons to Vote NO on the Multi-Million Dollar School Referendum


  1. District claims school tax revenue limits leave the district short-changed.  Simply not true. MFSD has the 4th highest maximum revenue limit per pupil out of 28 Milwaukee area districts.  They don’t and never have had a revenue problem.
  2. MF revenue per pupil is increasing.  The district has experienced significant enrollment decreases – 12% thus far; projected 15% by 2020/21 fiscal year.  Yet, total revenue has only dropped a small amount (3%).
  3. District has long complained that decreased state aid is their main budget problem.  But property tax increases have entirely made up for the state aid decreases. Total state aid and property tax is essentially the same since 2007/08.  Same amount of state/local revenue to educate significantly less students.
  4. District claims they will have a cumulative $7 million shortfall in the next five years but the referendum is asking for an additional $15 million in taxes over those five years.  They want a blank check.
  5. District claims building referendum is needed for aging facilities.  This is the same argument made for the 2006 referendum which passed (>$20mil.). At the time district stated it was a long-term solution to maintenance issues.
  6. The building referendum amount of $32.7 million is almost equal to the cumulative total of the last four referendums that passed ($38.2m).
  7. Including interest, total potential increased property taxes over the next 20 years for both referendums – $118 million.
  8. District doesn’t even have a detailed list of what the $32.7 million will buy.  It has a list of maintenance items by school that sums to $16.3 mil.  But that figure is magically rounded up to $18 million.  Other items are similarly rounded up by over half a million dollars. The District wants a blank check.

Thanks to the Menomonee Falls Taxpayer Association – CPA Advisory Committee for their analysis of this referendum. For more information visit mftax.org


5 thoughts on “Eight Reasons to Vote NO on the Multi-Million Dollar School Referendum

  1. Thank you. This is very helpful. Will you be posting any information on the school board candidates before the April primary?

  2. The school district is telling half truths about the condition of our schools.
    #1 the oldest roof in the district is 20 years old, with the greater majority of roofs are post 1999
    #2 all windows and doors have been replaced and up-graded since 1998 with the greater majority since 2005
    #3 all boilers and heating components have been replaced since 1998 with the exception of the HS but has been up-graded in early 2000
    #4 all schools have new or near new air conditioning systems
    #5 the IT areas all have fiber backbones with cat 5 cable going into each classroom, teaching area, and or office areas

    I could go on and on. I would like to know where the district is getting there information. I believe that the information is flawed.

  3. I liked the article on the front page of the Express News “Eight Reasons to Vote No”. We need to make sure that voters in the district know the facts, such as the growth of the Menomonee Falls school tax rate over the last ten years. When compared to surrounding districts who are not going to a referendum, it shows the lack of financial planning in the district. Data from Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance webpage at https://wistax.org/facts

    2005/06 2015/16 Increase/
    School District Tax Rate Tax Rate Decrease

    Elmbrook (Brookfield) $9.61 $10.06 5%
    Germantown $9.87 $9.15 -7%
    Hamilton Sussex $9.50 $9.61 1%
    Menomonee Falls $9.40 $11.60 23%

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