Mission Statement

To protect working families and taxpayers from ever expanding government spending on the local, county and state levels through several channels.

  1. Through educating the public through open debate, press releases and the distribution of information and ideas.
  2. Through promoting efficiencies of government and to eliminate wasteful and unnecessary spending.
  3. To oppose any and all tax increases and support tax reductions whenever possible.
  4. Through promoting conservative candidates for all local, county and state offices.
  5. Through developing and maintaining positive and civil relationships with all government agencies and surrounding interest groups including those who support as well as oppose our ideas.
  6. Nothing in the above paragraph prevents MFTP from protecting its mission from groups that wish to discredit, abolish or harm MFTP in any way shape or form.

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1 thought on “Mission Statement

  1. Do you know who paid for the “Vote YES” yard signs in Menomonee Falls? They don’t have a statement on them indicating who paid for them. I would have thought that was required by law.

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