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Belling: Go with Pelzer and Dekoning for School Board on February 18, 2020

Mark Belling of Newstalk 1130 WISN recommends these candidates on air on February 10th, 2020, based on their responses to the JSOnline interview:

Pelzer: The school board’s lack of transparency on their decision to change the Indians nickname was their biggest failure. It was revealed, through an email discovered via an open records request, that Superintendent Corey Golla was already in the process of removing the “Indians” nickname from the school long before the public debate took place. I think the process by which this decision was made is what angered most residents of Menomonee Falls, regardless of how they felt about the Indians nickname. The refusal to allow for an advisory referendum on the spring ballot was another failure by the school board.

Dekoning: A school poll was taken, and the vast majority of the students wanted the name to stay Indians. In addition, a poll was taken of the community, and the vast majority wanted the name kept the same as well. The superintendent and the school board turned their backs on the voters of Menomonee Falls and their will.