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In the news: Waukesha County leaders oppose stadium tax

Menomonee Falls Taxpayer endorsed Supervisor leads fight to oppose new arena taxes

“Members of Waukesha County’s Executive Committee on Monday recommended to the County Board that it oppose any imposition of a regional tax to finance the construction of a new Milwaukee arena.” (JSOnline)

But who led the charge? “The Waukesha County resolution was introduced by Supervisor Jennifer Grant.” (JSOnline)

Countywide Waukesha Taxpayer Group Forming

For Immediate Release:

For more information call Bill Savage (414) 218-0959                                        

The members of the Menomonee Falls Taxpayers Association (MFTA) have decided to form a new organization, the Waukesha County Taxpayer Association (WCTA) that will address the issues that affect taxpayers at the county level.

According to MFTP President Steve Welcenbach, the success of the Menomonee Falls based group has triggered the effort on a county wide basis.  “We are looking forward to working at the county level to help reduce the size of government and protect the taxpayers,” Welcenbach said.

Bill Savage, who is expected to become the Executive Director, issued this statement.

“The Taxpayer groups that I have been involved in have always served as an information source for voters in the spring elections.  Since these elections are not subject to party primaries candidates are basically on an honor system regarding their conservative philosophies.  That hasn’t always worked out so well for the taxpayers.  We will be monitoring the voting records of our elected county and local officials.  We will be informing the public on where they stand on the issues.  Groups like this keep officials honest. It makes for good government.”

More information on both groups can be found at

In the news: County Supervisor Jennifer Grant

Jennifer Grant, CPA, mother of four, and full-time professional, saw a need for change in her community.  She loves the values cherished by her community in Waukesha county, Wisconsin, but noticed that “those values aren’t always reflected” by her county board.  So when a seat opened up, she seized the opportunity by running and winning…

“Having the endorsement of the Menomonee Falls Taxpayer Association was “key to my victory.””

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